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Alcatraz Island was built with facilities for a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison, and a federal prison from 1934 until 1963. Alcatraz is now home to an abandoned prison, the oldest operating lighthouse, and a massive seabird colony. During it's 29 years as a jail, Alcatraz held some of the most notorious criminals in American history - Al Capone, the "Birdman of Alcatraz" - Robert Franklin Stroud, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, and Alvin "Creepy" Karpis who served more time at Alcatraz than any other inmate.

alcatraz island

The golden gate bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a one-mile-wide suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate - connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and the United States. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World. Taking a little more than four years to build, the Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937, becoming both the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world.

Kacy and I getting to meet Aaron Tveit before his concert at the Marines' Memorial Theater in San Francisco.