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There is something really special about our couples. We walk with yall throughout your wedding journey – ready to laugh, to cry, to hold your hand, to hold your beer, to fix your wedgie, or to hold your dress while you pee. Our couples become family! Here are some of their wedding journeys. 

the journey of

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October 26th

Heather and Christian

November 3rd

Megan and Shea

January 10th

Monika and Sam

October 12th

Emily and Brian

May 18th

Tiffany and Reed

November 24th

Adriana and Ricky

March 23rd

Alie and Clint

December 31st

Christina and Richelle

November 4th

Michael and Ben

December 27th

Caitlin and Alex

May 14th

Kalani and Derek

February 14th

Allison and Seth