engagement of

Kalani and Derek


Their adventure started with a spontaneous trip to Oregon. Kalani and Derek had been talking about visiting and hiking the west coast, so Derek surprised her with a trip out west.

On day three of their trip, they  hiked the Tillamook Lighthouse Trail in Ecola State Park. At the peak of the trail there is a boundary rope and Derek, who somehow always gets Kalani out of her comfort zone, talked her into going over to the rope's edge to get a better view of the overlook.
The view is breathtaking! They found themselves standing on the cliff looking out at the Pacific Ocean, and out in the distance was a lighthouse with waves crashing all around it.

While taking in the beauty, Kalani heard Derek say, “do you love me?” Which she replied of course, and turned to see him down on one knee. He then asked, “Do you love me forever?” Kalani instantly started crying and after a moment Derek kind of looked at her and said, “Are you going to answer?”

Of course Kalani said yes! Until the wedding day happens, this day holds the spot for the best day of their lives.