proposal of

Caitlin and Alex


The night of the proposal, Caitlin and Alex were taking a stroll before they met their families for a dinner date – or so Caitlin thought. It was a beautiful walk on a winding path in Caitlin's small town. The path curves along a creek filled with ducks and geese, then ends at the town's main plaza in the middle of town.

As they approached the plaza, they talked, laughed, and shared dreams of what their lives would be one day. Little did Caitlin know that Alex was timing the walk for the perfect proposal. At the gazebo in the main plaza, they stopped to admire the Christmas lights draped around town's large Christmas tree nestled by town's fountain.

Alex took Caitlin over to a bench where a ring box and a Bible were placed. The Bible had Caitlin's first name with Alex's last name engraved on the cover – something Caitlin had dreamed of getting when she was proposed to! Alex opened the Bible and read the Scripture that he had inscribed on my engagement ring, then got down on one knee and, before she knew it, her favorite man on this earth was asking to her spend forever with him! The proposal was so sweet, perfect, and the most wonderful of days!