alie & clint

Celebrating the life of his grandfather, Clint was with family and lovely girlfriend, Alie, at his grandfather’s funeral. Clint’s grandfather had lived a loving and fulfilling life, creating a legacy for Clint to follow. Wrapped up in the emotions of the day, Clint realized his life would not be complete unless Alie was by his side, so he proposed. “As one chapter closes, another one opens,” says Clint. This really IS the celebration of life and more! 

Opening the next chapter together was celebrating with everyone at their wedding. Alie and Clint had a traditional church wedding, followed by an elegant, rustic wedding reception at Eagle Dancer Ranch. 

With the day full of many moving parts, their most memorable moments was having an “around the corner” letter exchange in the chapel. “It provided time for us to connect and read through the personal love and admiration we have for one another, and it helped to remind us why we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. The moment grounded us before all the craziness of the wedding day and it was very much needed.” 

Continuing Clint’s grandfather's legacy, the couple plans on living a loving and fulfilling life! Cheers to Alie and Clint! 

Celebrating Life & Love