monika & sammie

From the beginning, Monika and Samantha’s life was meant to be adventurous. They met on OKCupid in December, 2015. On their first date, Samantha broke her ankle – what?!?! Their life together was off to a hobbling start!

Samantha used a scrapbook to creatively propose. As Monika looked through the scrapbook, the last page said "Monika will you marry me, with the engagement ring taped in the middle of the page.

Before walking down the aisle, it was discovered the flower girl had thrown all the bouquets in the toilets. Yes! Right into the toilets! “Keep calm and remember you are Wonder Woman.” The bouquets were eventually salvaged - it was hysterical and only served to spice up the day. 

Wonder Woman, the theme of the wedding, was spectacular! Wonder Woman's colors, her WW logo, and her red star inspired the decorations. The wedding day did hold some bittersweet moments. Monika’s father passed away shortly after the wedding. Able to have her father present on her wedding day meant everything to Monika. Immortalizing his image forever in pictures are treasures to remember him by - forever.

“Bonds of love never make the wearer weaker – they give him greater strength,” Wonder Woman.

Wonder Women