Our Magical Adventure

“Remember, no matter what happens in the magical adventure of planning your special day, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you and your future hubby will be married!" Megan and Shea held onto this thought, it helped them get through some tough times dealing with family drama leading up to their wedding. As their day arrived, however, family put the past aside and participated in making Megan and Shea’s wedding perfect! And honestly, who doesn’t have family drama?!?! Right?!?!

Megan and Shea met at a bonfire while attending college. They became engaged in an intimate living room setting, which was a special place for them. The couple took more than a year to plan their rustic, chic wedding, “which turned out to be perfect,” said Megan. The couple said “I Do” beneath the sprawling canopy of 350+ year old oak trees on the banks of West Sister Creek.

“The best decision surrounding our wedding day was to have both my dad and my stepdad walk me down the aisle. I wanted them to be included in a special moment. Seeing Shea cry at the end of the aisle was the most memorable moment of our wedding day. I have never seen him cry before,” said Megan. The celebration continued inside the late 1800s Sisterdale Dancehall and Opera House. The dancehall's original wood floors are made from 300 year old leaf pine – contributing to the rustic, chic flair of the Thonsgard Wedding. We Danced, by Brad Paisley, played for the couple’s first dance, with Shea gliding across the dancefloor in his Ariat boots.

Megan and Shea allocated the majority of their wedding funds on the venue, photography, and the catering. Megan explained, “We wanted to make sure people were happy, and well fed. And we wanted to make sure we had the best photos to remember our special day forever – especially since it goes by so fast!” The newlyweds do remember, however, their private last dance to Amazed, by Lonestar. “It was magical!”

The first few days of marriage were not as excepted though. The newlyweds each became very ill after their wedding. Stepping up to make sure the other was okay during their ordeal, they both kept saying to each, “in sickness and in health, right?” Here’s to many years of happiness AND good health Megan and Shea! 

megan & shea

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